[Athen] Will our 9080C make the jump to Win10?

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Hi all!

We switched to Windows 10 almost two years ago and our 9080c has been working just fine thus far. It looks like it’s using the driver that was available for Windows 7, though whether or not the system just had a compatible driver on the computer already or we had to download and install it as an added step I’m not sure – our IT staff took care of all the upgrades and installations.
I hope that helps – good luck all!

Annissa Corsi, M.Ed.
Alternate Media Coordinator
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Hello everyone,
I've seen this topic pop up a few times so I'm going to echo the e-mails I have saved.
Marshall Sunnes <ms9513 at nyu.edu<mailto:ms9513 at nyu.edu>> on the DSSHE-L listserv
Use the DR-G1130 Driver: ​
My observation: I don't think I saw any follow-up e-mails confirming whether this worked or not. We're still using Windows 7 so I have not had a chance to test it myself yet either.
On the Alternate Media <altmedia at htclistserv.htctu.fhda.edu<mailto:altmedia at htclistserv.htctu.fhda.edu>> listserv, the conversation pretty much concluded with being stuck on Windows 7 such that, when extended support ends, someone was going to "get an old computer, and keep it off-line, and set it up with obsolete hardware, like an embosser, scanner, ETC."
I want to say I've seen another e-mail thread that suggested some people who upgraded FROM Windows 7 into 10 still had it work while at the same time others indicated it didn't. A little of a toss up on that one.
Otherwise I think my group is getting closed to being pushed to investigating replacing our 9080c.
Would love to hear more details/information on what people do know or have. And if not, what did they ultimately replace their 9080c with if applicable.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2018 at 6:59 AM, Justin Romack <justinr at disability.tamu.edu<mailto:justinr at disability.tamu.edu>> wrote:
This scanner has been a workhorse for our department for a looooong time – but I’m not seeing any indication that the Canon DR-9080C will work in Windows 10.

Does anyone have any information on compatibility?

Also: If we had to purchase a new scanner – do you have a model that you like right now?

Any insight from this group is always appreciated.


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