[Athen] Adding a voice to Win 7

Schwarte, David M. schwarte at purdue.edu
Wed May 2 05:53:44 PDT 2018

Hello James,

The voices added with the language packs are not listed as 32-bit voices. I do not understand much of what I read about this, but I had to go into the registry and make some changes for them to appear as voices I could select in most software. There is also a 32-bit Speech console, that is different than the Windows default console. The programs I usually use with the non-english voices do not recognize voices that are not 32-bit 5 so I had to jump through the extra hoops. I assume that is what is happening to you as well.

Here are my notes on the topic:

1. Extract the registry tokens
a. Open Regedit
b. Under - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech Server\v11.0\Voices - right click the "Tokens" folder and export. Save this file to your desktop as voices1.reg so it will be easy to find later.
c. Under - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Speech Server\v11.0\Voices - right click "Tokens" and again export it, again to the desktop. Call it voices2.reg.
2. Edit the voices1/2 files
a. open Voices1.reg in Notepad.
b. press "cntrl + H"
c. enter \Speech Server\v11.0\ into the "Find What" field
d. enter \Speech\ into the "Replace With" field
e. click "Replace All"
f. Save File
g. Repeat a-f with the Voices2.reg file
3. Merge the new Registry files into your registry
a. double click to "run" both Voices1.reg and Voices2.reg
b. Click "Yes" when it prompts
You should now have access to the new voices in Voice Attack, and in the Windows TTS options menu.

The 32-bit Speech Console is at:


This seems to work in Windows 10 as well.

David Schwarte

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Hello All,
My IT person is struggling with getting French working as a speech option on Win 7. It is Windows Enterprise Edition, so it should take the language packs. I can see the folders on the hard drive, but it is not showing up as an option in programs that let you pick the tts language. Any thoughts or help?



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