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James et al ATHEN-ites,

I was only able to successfully get other languages to work in Windows OS
ULTIMATE. Not Enterprise. My understanding on the language packets is that
the multi-language versions allow us to (type) input in other languages
using the keyboards in French (choose among various French speaking

In order to get speech output from this language packet:

1. Add TTS in other languages:

2. Download the speech platform for the correct WIN OS:

3. Download the appropriate (French) TTS language engines:

4. Not confident this SPEAK feature works in WIN 7, but in case it
does, here's a link to add the SPEAK feature to the ribbon:

5. It is *very* difficult to change voices in MS Narrator regardless
of what language you've chosen as the OS language. And a word of caution: if
you decide to change the OS language to French, every notice known to
mankind and Microsoft will come to you in French, including all the HELP and
SEARCH windows. Be careful what you ask for ;>)

6. If you want a cheap (free) reliable TTS app for books, articles &
other materials, here's an app which works in many different languages.
Balabolka. You can download additional SAPI 5 voices if you want to
supplement the voice choices. Balabolka can be set via the menu to pick the
voice of choice & adjust pitch, timbre and speed.

7. Download Balabolka here: http://www.cross-plus-a.com/balabolka.htm

What's the goal? Screen reading or TTS? For dictation, DNS has a pretty fine
French version available (I have it and use it). Built in OS dictation is
not sophisticated enough yet to even come close to competing with DNS.

Contact me off line if I can help further brainstorm solutions, James.


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Hello All,

My IT person is struggling with getting French working as a speech option on
Win 7. It is Windows Enterprise Edition, so it should take the language
packs. I can see the folders on the hard drive, but it is not showing up as
an option in programs that let you pick the tts language. Any thoughts or



James Bailey M.S.

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