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I'm going to reinforce one of my suggestions about importing vocabulary
into DNS. It doesn't matter which OS you use. If there are repeated code
strings or commands, specialized vocabulary specific to a topic can be
imported to DNS and trained. Dragon can mine the hard drive for vocabulary,
it can extract vocabulary from imported or stored documents, from text
copied and saved from web pages, and more. If I can teach Dragon to dictate
chemistry or Braille code, I would claim with some degree of authority that
it can be trained to recognize LaTeX.

On a side note, as good as DNS is and as far as Apple & Nuance have worked
on improving this app for the IDevices, the harsh reality is that the math
& science dictation works better, at a more refined and sophisticated level
in Windows than it does (yet) in the iOS. There is no version of Math Talk
& scientific notebook package for the iOS yet.

Is it possible for your student to run Windows on his Mac? My thought is
that he might be able to set up a partitioned drive, do the dictation in
the Windows OS with the math talk + scientific notebook + DNS and use his
iOS for everything else he needs to do.

Just a few extra thoughts for consideration.


On Wed, May 2, 2018, 7:05 AM Heidi Scher <hascherdss at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,


> Since I'm not at all a Mac user, I'm reaching out to beg for you to share

> some of your collective knowledge. Have a student whose is losing

> manual dexterity. He is working on dual doctoral degrees (physics &

> mathematics). As such, he works a lot with LaTeX and some other coding

> software. He has been using Dragon, but is finding it cumbersome.


> He has investigated VoiceCode software which works along with Dragon as

> well as the SmartNav software and hardware.


> If anyone has used these, would you share your experience? Are there other

> suggestions we should investigate?


> TIA!


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