[Athen] question on accessiblewindows application to read epub

Joseph Polizzotto jpolizzotto at htctu.net
Thu May 24 16:25:07 PDT 2018

Hi Norm:

I recommend trying Vital Source Bookshelf.

VitalSource continues to make upgrades to all the versions of Bookshelf
(macOS, Windows, iOs, Android). In addition, the reading systems testing
group (DAISY) have produced multiple tests of Vital Source's apps, which
have consistently gotten good results when using the Non-Visual test book.
You can see some of the results by going to the Book Industry Standards
Group (BISG) page here:


Some of the important EDUPUB features they support are MathML, PageList Nav,
and video.

I have used NVDA and VoiceOver with VS Bookshelf and have been able to do
the following tasks:

- access all the UI elements
- jump to page
- navigate math expressions
- perform continuous reading
- navigate tables
- navigate by headings
- initiate read from here

One drawback: you can sideload EPUBs into VS Bookshelf but you won't get the
annotations functionality. For that, you will need to purchase a book from
Vital Source.


Joseph Polizzotto
HTCTU Instructor

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>Years ago, I used AMIS to read DAISY books on my PC. i had mistakenly

>assumed by now it would be upgraded to handle EPUB but apparently not.

>I know of windows software READHEAR by GH LLC and EasyReader by Dolphin

>but neiter is free for windows. (EasyReader has free apps for smart phones

>but so far as I understand not for windows.

>Can someone recomment a windows application that works OK with screen

>readers and will handle EPUB content?


>It seems to me it must be there but that I missed it somehow.





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