[Athen] question on accessiblewindows application to read epub

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri May 25 20:52:02 PDT 2018

Two things I would say, Microsoft Edge reads ePub's. You can find
accessibility evaluations of many ePub readers at www.epubtest.org


At 12:29 PM 5/24/2018, you wrote:

>Years ago, I used AMIS to read DAISY books on my PC. i had

>mistakenly assumed by now it would be upgraded to handle EPUB but

>apparently not.

>I know of windows software READHEAR by GH LLC and EasyReader by

>Dolphin but neiter is free for windows. (EasyReader has free apps

>for smart phones but so far as I understand not for windows.

>Can someone recomment a windows application that works OK with

>screen readers and will handle EPUB content?


>It seems to me it must be there but that I missed it somehow.




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