[Athen] Internships that focus on accessibility or inclusive design

Steph Rogers srogers18 at uco.edu
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I am doing this exact same thing with my graduate work here in Oklahoma! It’s so important and it’s just not in any curriculum that I’ve come across. I’d love to get in touch with this person.

However, I don’t know of any internships…

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I am working with a student in Texas who has an undergraduate in graphic design. Now, they are pursing graduate work in an MFA that focuses on inclusive design.

In their own words, the student hopes to "develop and put into motion an inclusive design curriculum that will eventually be implemented into the program for those who choose to pursue design like me! My hope is that this curriculum will solidify a base of knowledge so that designers may develop their work for a diversified audience."

Do you know anyone who may be conducting research in that area who this student could shadow/work with or any internship opportunities or anything of the sort?


Krista Greear
Accessibility and Inclusivity Crusader
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