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Russell wrote: "I tried both printing the document to Adobe PDF."

Never make an accessible PDF that way from any program. It kills all of the
accessibility in the PDF and creates only print-specific information in the
PDF. Remember, there are all kinds of PDFs for different purposes.

". going to the Adobe tab in Word and choosing to create a PDF that way."

That's the Acrobat ribbon which is installed with the PDF Maker plug-in when
Acrobat is installed.

Before clicking the Create PDF button, first click the Preferences button to
the right of it and set the conversion settings. The plug-in does not
automatically have the accessibility settings by default; you must choose
what type of PDF you want to make, in this case an accessible tagged PDF.

General settings for an accessible tagged PDF are:

On the Settings tab:

Conversion Settings: Smallest File Size (or Standard)

Check: Convert Document Information

Check: Create Bookmarks

Check: Add links

Check: Enable Accessibility and Reflow with tagged Adobe PDF

On the Word tab:

Check: Convert footnote and endnote links

On the Bookmarks tab:

Check: Convert Word Headings to Bookmarks

And below it, check the specific styles you want picked up as bookmarks.

Under Advanced Settings (on the Settings tab):

Under the Fonts menu:

Check: Embed all fonts

Check: Subset embedded fonts.

And remove all fonts listed in the Never Embed field. All fonts must be
embedded to ensure full accessibility.

Hope this helps!

-Bevi Chagnon

(I'll be presenting at AHG on accessible PDFs from InDesign, forms from
InDesign, and EPUBs from InDesign)

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