[Athen] Breaking Security in a PDF

Brandon Orwig-Price borwigprice at cscc.edu
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Here is the process we use when needed. Works as of the following:

Chrome V65.0.3325.146 (64-bit) (produces image based PDF even if original had selectable text, there is quality degradation.)

Firefox Quantum 57.0 (64-bit) (keeps text in the PDF, original quality is kept)

1. Select PDF

2. Right Click

3. in the context menu select open with

4. choose one of the above browsers

5. Once the PDF loads in the browser, click print

6. Select Adobe PDF as the printer

7. in the prompt, choose the location and the filename

8. click save
Firefox is the better option. It will break the restrictions even if they do not allow copying and provide a clean copy. Depending on the length of the PDF it can take a while. For a 1300 page PDF I think it took an hour to 2. Enjoy ☺


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Hello, if I receive a secured PDF from a publisher, how can I circumvent this to be able to break it into chapters?


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