[Athen] at what point do you need headings?

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This is subjective. In my opinion, neither one of the examples you
provided requires a table. If it is a document with multiple sections, it
should have headings. The headings should be the titles of each section.
Definitely if the document has a table of contents, each section should
have a heading. This way, I can press H to jump quickly between each
section. I would be interested to hear other people's input on this.

On Tue, Sep 11, 2018 at 11:53 AM Krista Greear <
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> For Word docs, or PDFs, at what point is the document "long" or "complex"

> enough to require headings?


> For example, if there are only two paragraphs of content, are headings

> still necessary? What if there was only one paragraph of content but then a

> table?


> And would your answer change if the content was on a webpage? In a page

> within the LMS?


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