[Athen] Reader for ePub3 files with math

Elle Dimopoulos edimopoulos at marin.edu
Wed Aug 7 16:46:55 PDT 2019

One might want to look at the MathML in the epub3 file to investigate the possibility of adding descriptive semantics. The majority of the MathML I see doesn't include the combined markup necessary for multi-platform accessibility.

A quick check to see if the /semantics or /annotations tags are present is a good starting point. See: http://kb.daisy.org/publishing/docs/html/mathml.html example 3 or https://reference.wolfram.com/language/XML/tutorial/MathML.html for further reading on the topic.

Working backwards to see if the MathML is correct and then using a reader might be one way to approach the issue.

elle dimopoulos

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