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Jay Wilson wils1627 at umn.edu
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Hi Ryan,
I have a post-it with the instructions on my desk to erase data from the
Echos, because they're not easy to find:

1. Turn on the Echo pen. Plug in headphones (or turn down volume, or do
it somewhere where the pen talking won't be disruptive).
2. In a Livescribe notebook, click the pen on the middle of the NAV PLUS
symbol (looks like an axis with arrows in 4 directions)
3. After it says "Main Menu," click the down arrow until "Paper Replay"
4. Click the Right arrow on Paper Reply, then Down arrow until "Delete
all sessions," then Right arrow to select it.
5. Also, check the paper notebook and remove any pages that the student
wrote on.

I wouldn't do a factory reset because you'd need to reset the time and
date, and there are very few settings to check.

I do check the volume is set to not mute - as the most frequent
trouble-shooting problems we encounter are forgetting to take off the cap
and the replay set on mute.

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On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 3:13 PM Robert Spangler <rspangler1 at udayton.edu>

> Hello, I found some instructions on the Livescribe web site to do this,

> with a firmware update utility, but they do not seem to be the most

> accurate.


> What is the best way to reset an Echo Smart Pen once it is returned by a

> student? By this I mean clearing all data and resetting to factory

> defaults.


> Thanks,

> Robert



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