[Athen] Sometimes things are actually accessible

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Feb 8 14:11:02 PST 2019

I'm taking a course wherein we have to read some documents from the Michigan quarterly review:

These documents appeared to be images of the magazine which you viewed one page at a time, and clicked Next to go to the next page. There was a combo box showing all the page numbers that was accessible, but the images were not.

I was all ready to complain that this wasn't accessible, until I noticed a button labeled "Text".

Clicking that button replaced the image with full-text pages of the magazine, text with proper paragraphs and hno errors whatsoever. I almost didn't read carefully enough to find the text button.

Bravo for the University of Michigan! I hope more instructors will use this as a good source of accessible reading assignments for online courses.

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