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First, Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC) suite of software programs are not cloud
software. It's a subscription to their software programs which are installed
on your computer, not run in the cloud.

The CC suite includes all of the creative and design programs from Adobe,
including Acrobat Pro DC, so your existing standalone license of Acrobat Pro
DC won't be needed anymore. You'll use the version that comes with the CC

And it's identical to what you're using now.

Here's a list of the programs that come with the CC subscription: includes
graphic design, Photoshop, digital media, fonts, and more.

So why is it called "creative cloud?" Haven't a clue, but I think someone
in marketing thought is sounded cute. There are some cloud-based services,
but they're relatively minor and don't affect Acrobat.

-Bevi Chagnon

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Hi all,

I am getting a new desktop (Dell) as part of the University's refresh system
(Windows 10). I use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for text extraction. The University
has a new "system" license for the Adobe for Creative Cloud and may not
support my department's Adobe Acrobat Pro DC license. Is the version of
Acrobat in the online Adobe Creative Cloud comparable to the Pro DC's


Bryon Kluesner, RhD

Adaptive Technology Coordinator

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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