[Athen] Universal Design Checker for LMS content recommendation

Sean Keegan skeegan at ccctechcenter.org
Mon Mar 18 16:13:32 PDT 2019

> I am seeking a recommendation ( if there is one) to check

> Universal Design Content with in our LMS campus wide.

The only two tools I am aware of at this time that will check content
inside an LMS environment include both Ally and UDOIT (see
https://github.com/ucfopen/UDOIT). The Ally tool is available for
Blackboard and Canvas whereas the UDOIT tool is for Canvas alone.

UDOIT is focused more on checking a specific course and does not have a
reporting mechanism to scan/monitor a large aggregate of courses. I keep
looking to see if any of the major accessibility vendors are going to
develop something for the LMS environment, but at this time they seem
focused on public-facing content only.

Take care,
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