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Rebecca Sitton resitton at ncsu.edu
Tue Mar 26 13:17:35 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,
A little bit of background: I have been using these pens since 2007 and
have a long history with them and have evaluated every model that has come
out. with a student pilot group. I currently have about 300 Echo pens in
rotation with current students. Letting you know that the only model that I
really have endorsed until now is the Echo.

I have been using the Aegir Marlin edition for about a week in different
situations evaluating it.

Current Evaluation Pro's
1) Works with existing Livescribe Paper.
2) Does not appear to run the battery down excessively on my iPhone 6 plus.
3) No extra headphones to attach/ purchase/maintain.
4) Exports as PDF, Livescribe PDF, and Video (multiple settings, MOV, MP4)
5) Opens in Livescribe web player or can be imported into Expo Desktop.
6) I can send to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, or One Note.
7) I can email or print immediately from my phone without having to
8) I can add photos to notes
9) I can set reminders tied to the notes and assign tags
10) The Livescribe+ app is intuitive and has not been hard to navigate.

Current Evaluation Con's
1) Can't speed up/slow down recording.
2) Possibly having to keep a 2nd device charged (but hasn't been an issue
-- I used the pen in an all-day workshop (9 am - 4 pm) and still had over
half my phone battery and not connected to the local wireless (using cell
service) - I did turn off notifications and other apps while using the
phone to record though)

My Initial evaluation is very positive. Benefits are the price point. It is
not draining my device. I can play from the paper notes and the notes in
the app. (both played from the device)
I think the biggest game changer with this model is being able to export as
a video. That I can upload into youtube and caption or send out for
captioning. I have not noticed a drain on the battery or if my phone went
to sleep, it didn't affect the recording.

Please let me know what other questions you have and I will try to answer

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