[Athen] Advanced PDF Remediation Techniques

Karlen Communications info at karlencommunications.com
Thu May 9 05:50:46 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone:

I’m doing a general conference session for the Guelph Accessibility Conference on advanced PDF remediation techniques.

My problem is in narrowing things down to topics that can be talked about within an hour and leaving time for questions, so 45 minutes. I think if I can narrow things down to 4 pain points and discuss how to fix them, that should be good.

BUT, I’m having trouble narrowing things down to 4 topics. I welcome your suggestions. There will be a handout in the free “course” in my teachable school for the presentation and maybe on the conference website.

I want to make sure that I am talking about the more advanced problems we see as a community and not just my own pain points. 😊

Please send your suggestions off list.

Cheers, Karen

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