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Mary Ann McCann mmccann at smumn.edu
Thu May 9 12:23:58 PDT 2019


I'm looking for guidance regarding FlipGrid. I have found a few issues and
I'm wondering if others have devised solutions.
I have a Deaf student enrolled in an online course that uses FlipGrid.
The first issue is that apparently there is a "variable delay" with
FlipGrid captioning. At first, I was told it was just a matter of minutes,
but I saw one FG post that was 24 hours long and it still wasn't

What is the solution for this? I don't think a 24 hour+ delay in
captioning is providing equal access!

The second issue is that when someone makes a new post, they have the
option of clicking on options and actually turning OFF captions.

So do I need to send an email to the entire class, asking them to always
leave the captioning on?

Mary Ann


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