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Hi Mary Ann et al,

I did some research today on this flipgrid dilemma you posted about earlier.

I could not verify what speech recognition engine might be used with flipgrid. There is ample evidence directly from Nuance that Dragon Naturally Speaking is not accurate enough to be used to provide speech to text transcripts or captions for D/HOH.

We have seen the errors generated in YouTube auto captions. It isn't accurate enough to be considered "accessible," much less as an accommodation. This same technique appears to be what's used in flipgrid.

The error rate with DNS used in apps like this and varies with untrained voice. Even Nuance trainers state the program (Dragon NS) should not be used as a transcript for captions without editing. I am personally skeptical that most students would spend the time editing before uploading a transcript for captions. The number of steps involved to upload and embed a STT transcript in flipgrid is exceptionally complicated. If it were 98-99% accuate, if it were intuitive and automatic, maybe!

Not the report you would have hoped for, I expect. I do not know if a11y is working with any of the LMS on this app and its accessibility, both from the users' perspective as well as the viewers'. Just out of curiosity, how do the other students in the class access the D/HOH video clip postings presented in ASL?

Wink Harner

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I'm looking for guidance regarding FlipGrid.  I have found a few issues and I'm wondering if others have devised solutions.

I have a Deaf student enrolled in an online course that uses FlipGrid.  

The first issue is that apparently there is a "variable delay" with FlipGrid captioning.  At first, I was told it was just a matter of minutes, but I saw one FG post that was 24 hours long and it still wasn't captioned!  

What is the solution for this?  I don't think a 24 hour+ delay in captioning is providing equal access!

The second issue is that when someone makes a new post, they have the option of clicking on options and actually turning OFF captions.  

So do I need to send an email to the entire class, asking them to always leave the captioning on?  


Mary Ann 



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