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We were investigating CAR for the Mac, and in our testing it seemed to work quite well for reading math. The only catch was that when we installed it, we discovered that you MUST be logged into the same account on the Mac that you are using the program in. So, for example, we have a separate "Admin" account that our IT people typically use to install programs on our locked-down computers. When IT installed CAR, I was unable to use it when I logged into the computer with my account. We had to have IT uninstall the program and reinstall it while logged into my account.

If the student is using their own computer this probably won't be an issue, but that was the only hurdle we had when testing out the software, so I figured I would pass that along. Everything else worked very well, you just need to have properly formatted Word documents available, since that's the only format CAR recognizes.

I just went to the CAR download page and it looks like they have a new release for Mac (when I had checked previously the Mac download wasn't listed), so you may have even less trouble than we did. https://www.cwu.edu/central-access/reader. :)

Good luck!
-Andi :)
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I just had a consult with a new student coming onto campus. He is severely VI, but not blind, and doesn't use screen readers. He's a math major, and while he can use enlargements, he'd rather the math be read out loud for him. He is using a Mac.

If he were using Windows, I'd know what to do. But as a Mac user, I am a little bit in the dark about how to deal with the issue. We are a Kurzweil campus, so that isn't helpful in this case. I know there's a version of CAR for the Mac, but I also know it hasn't been updated in a while, so not sure if it would work. What other options are there? Any advice for me? We have time - he doesn't start classes until August.


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