[Athen] BrailleBlaster comment and question

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Mon Nov 25 10:22:30 PST 2019

I've been using BrailleBlaster for a year now since I got fed up with
Duxbury's copy protection.

I've found it works really well for class handouts and exams. For longer stuff I typically have the ATPC transcribe anyway.

So doing alternate media for my students works great, and I like the way it figures out most of the formatting automatically! Feed it html or a word document and all your lists, headings and print page numbers are already there; saves a lot of time.

But for doing my own alternate media, I've been really frustrated. It doesn't have a Spanish grade 1 table and the Spanish table it does have is something called "Spanish U.S."whyich produces some grade 2 contractions with Spanish accents. Has anyone heard of this table; is it supposed to be the new way of doing Spanish braille?

Is anyone else using BrailleBlaster and having similar problems doing foreign language transcribing?


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