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I expect some of the members of this list might be able to provide some guidance to Cliff Shaffer (see message below). You can respond to the ATHEN list or to shaffer at vt.edu <mailto:shaffer at vt.edu>.

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> On Oct 3, 2019, at 11:45 AM, Cliff Shaffer <shaffer at vt.edu> wrote:


> Sheryl -- Thank you for meeting with me today at the conference! Following up on our conversation, I am looking for some exemplars of best practice for making educational content accessible. In particular, I am looking for exemplars that are demanding technically. Here, "technical" has two distinct meanings:


> 1) Non-standard accessibility implementation. Meaning, more than standard screen-reading support for HTML prose, alternate captions for static images, and transcript captioning of talking-head videos.


> 2) Technical educational content, especially content that is heavy on mathematics displays, and ideally with sophisticated visual presentations of key concepts. So, content that aims to teach math, statistics, various engineering topics, or mathematically-oriented science. Especially if it seeks to be visually oriented rather than text/verbally oriented in its presentation.


> I run the OpenDSA project (opendsa.org <http://opendsa.org/>), and we are starting to think about accessibility issues for our content. This material is presented as HTML pages, with lots of code displays, slideshows of step-by-step dynamic process, and interactive exercises. With some amount of mathematical equations scattered throughout. So we are looking to see real examples of what might be possible to achieve.


> Thanks for any pointers that you can give!

> -- Cliff



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