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Hi Van Nguyen

You can also check out this document. It is based on a previous version of InDesign, so there may be points where you need to adapt a little bit.
The intent here is to be able to use one file for both printing and the accessible/screen copy, rather than having to update 2 files.

The other benefit of these instructions is being able to visually read/review a brochure on a screen in a logical panel order.

One limitation though is when there are backgrounds/images that cross multiple pages.

Todd Schwanke

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Have your designer use Adobe InDesign for this type of publication because it has the tools to sequence the text & tags in a logical reading order.

The designer should set up the layout to be made up of 3 individual pages per side. That is, 2 spreads of 3 pages melded together. This will allow the PDF to be viewed in the logical order we read a printed version.

The reading order should be:

1. Front cover
2. Inside flap
3. Inside 3-pages/panels
4. Back of the brochure

--Bevi Chagnon

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Hello all,

Has anyone made a tri-fold brochure PDF accessible? Any suggestions on how to organize the reading order in a way where the screen reader can alternate pages in order to replicate how we would read a printed trifold brochure?

Thank you for your help.

Van Nguyen
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