[Athen] Accessibility of Microsoft Math Add-In for Word

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Of course if it comes to me directly, I'll share with the listserv!

Wink Harner

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Hi all,


I’m interested in this as well – please share any info with the list.







Dawn Hunziker

IT Accessibility Consultant, Sr. | Disability Resources

The University of Arizona | hunziker at email.arizona.edu

drc.arizona.edu | itaccessibility.arizona.edu



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What's the scoop on the "new" accessibility features of MS Office? Has equation editor bitten the dust? Does the "new" Math Add-in for Word meet screen reader (math ml) standards?


Inquiring minds (besides mine) want to know. 

Thanks in advance for your collective input.


Wink Harner

Accessibility Consultant/Alternative Text Production

The Foreign Type

Portland OR
foreigntype at gmail.com

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