[Athen] Put a Start Menu App on the Desktop

Karlen Communications info at karlencommunications.com
Fri Oct 11 05:35:28 PDT 2019

I know! Usually I'm the one giving keyboard commands!

I don't do this often and can't find the answer on any of the Microsoft
sites or unhelpful community forums.

I want to take an app that is in the start menu and put it on my desktop. If
I press the AppKey on It (either in the Start menu or in the Start menu
tiles), there is no option to add it to the desktop and I can't find a
keyboard command to do this. I can drag it with the mouse, but I'm sure
there used to be a keyboard command to do this.

I can't find a way to open the file location to use Send to Desktop or
Create Shortcut on Desktop.none of my "go to solutions are working.


Cheers, Karen

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