[Athen] Newest editions

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Oct 11 08:51:45 PDT 2019

Seems like more and more, the editions of textbooks students are requesting are brand-new, some with copyright dates of 2020.

I'm finding this frustrating because they are not on Bookshare, they are not on learning ally, they are not on the ATN.

And they aren't even in print for me to scan for the student because they are integrated in to the LMS.

Are others struggling with this trend as well?

I currently have over twenty requests pending for books that I just cannot get!

All these students want audio, because they are brand new and haven't learned to use access technology yet. I wish the high schools would actually teach them to use modern ebooks with access technology because all they know how to do is stream music on their phones!

My stats for completed requests this quarter are dismal and it is very concerning!


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