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Hi Stephen, The Miami of Ohio case is one of the best!A gifted Blind student with extremely limited access to course management software, websites, just about every digital accessibility needs within the university. No procurement policies and no coordination or collaboration with academic, student services disability services, communications , athletics, student activities etc…attitude al issues and peer inclusion practices did not work for this pre-veterinarian student. The department of justice stepped in as the plaintiffs the situation was spot egregious.
Good luck on your paper!
Eileen Berger

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> Hello List


> I was wondering whether you would be willing to help me cheat on my homework. Lol, not really. I am enrolled in a legal issues in higher education class and for our final paper,, we need to select a legal issue impacting an institution of higher education and recommend solutions to effectively address it. We need to support it with at least two published court cases. Naturally, I want to do something related to accessible technology, students with disabilities or the like. Can you think of any legal issues you would like me to research? I would be happy to share my final paper with you if I go with your idea.


> Thank you so much



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