[Athen] OT: Cheating on my homework

Stephen (Alex) Marositz smarositz at csudh.edu
Thu Oct 10 11:03:19 PDT 2019

Hello List

I was wondering whether you would be willing to help me cheat on my homework. Lol, not really. I am enrolled in a legal issues in higher education class and for our final paper,, we need to select a legal issue impacting an institution of higher education and recommend solutions to effectively address it. We need to support it with at least two published court cases. Naturally, I want to do something related to accessible technology, students with disabilities or the like. Can you think of any legal issues you would like me to research? I would be happy to share my final paper with you if I go with your idea.

Thank you so much

Stephen Alexander (Alex) Marositz J.D. CPACC
Accessible Technology Initiative Coordinator
Information Technology Services, California State University Dominguez Hills

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