[Athen] Nasty NVDA bug

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Oct 18 10:39:14 PDT 2019

Don't know if this has always been the case or is just a problem with the current version, but I wanted to share it with anyone helping students.

I was typing something in Word this morning and using NVDA. My document had numbers in the margins in parenthesis, but not every paragraph had numbers.

Word started automatically inserting numbers (I thought I had that pesky "feature" turned off), but NVDA didn't speak nor show those numbers on my Braille display.

When I printed it a co-worker noticed all the extra numbers including a final page with numbers running down the left margin with no text.

When I went back to review the document with JAWS, all the numbers "appeared" but looking at it again with NVDA, only the numbers I'd deliberately typed were displayed - none of the auto-numbering that Word so "helpfully!" inserted.

This is a warning to anyone who takes an exam in word with NVDA, since if you are adding fill in the blanks, and the instructor has numbered the questions, simply pressing enter could add more numbers which would be invisible to NVDA! Auto-numbering which is unfortunately on by default can throw off the numbering of any exam as well, so I hope people turn it off when the student taking the test is a newbie!


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