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Justin Romack justinr at disability.tamu.edu
Wed Sep 18 08:19:02 PDT 2019

Howdy all!

Our office has used a home-grown web app to accept, track and fulfill alternative format requests from students. This app, designed in the mid-2000's, has been a phenomenal asset to our process ... but we've outgrown its capabilities and there are no plans to expand the app in the future.

Because we're a Google campus, I've started using Google Drive to upload and distribute materials to students as we fulfill requests ... but I'm curious what systems, apps or processes you all are using to accept requests for materials from your students, and then track work being done to fulfill these request? I'm sure there's a nifty project management solution out there ... but this isn't my realm, and I'm hoping someone can point me in a good direction.

Additional context: I have several team members working in our program. I also need a solution that works well with JAWS, as I'm totally blind and screen reader accessibility is imperative. I'll ideally be able to have a form to let students request their materials, a spreadsheet to track requests, the ability to make notes on individual requests as progress is made, and a way to quickly and easily communicate with the student requesting the materials to provide updates as we work to fulfill their request.

Grateful for any input or advice you can share. Thanks all!


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