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You may want to look at NWEA Image Description Guidelines for Assessments<https://www.nwea.org/content/uploads/2017/06/Image-Description-Guidelines-for-Assessments-2017.pdf>. The point in these guidelines is how to describe various types of content without clueing the answer. There is a section on graphs.

On the automated front, the Desmos graphing calculator<https://learn.desmos.com/accessibility> provides audio tracing of graphs, which is another method of providing access.

Although it is no longer being updated the Math Description Engine<https://prime.jsc.nasa.gov/mde/> that is part of MathTrax will create automated text descriptions of graphs which you can copy and paste.

--Steve Noble

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Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve worked on Math accessibility, and could use a little help. I have some Math instructors who are trying to create handouts and we’ve run into a snag with graphs of functions. Normally my recommendation would be to describe the graph/function using points, what the lines are doing visually, etc. However, the answer that I received from instructors was if we describe the graph that way, it would give the answer away.

Are there other recommendations for describing the graph, or graphing tools?

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