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Hi Heather,

MathType for MS Word is the most efficacious way to create accessible math.
The instructors want it to "look nice" on the page. It will. The students
who need math in TTS format can use Equatio (from Texthelp) as a browser
add on for reading the problems, equations & formulas up to a certain level
of math. Central Access Reader can provide TTS from Math Type documents.
Math Type documents can be saved as HTML, MML, LaTeX and along with
Duxbury, can also export to Nemeth Braille.

MS equation editor creates an image file. No screen reader or any TTS
reader can convert it to anything.

I'm sure others will chime in on some other options, but my go to program
of choice for creating accessible math documents starts with MathType.

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On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 11:28 AM Heather Mariger <
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> Greetings,


> What are some simple recommendations that I can share with Math faculty on

> how to make their materials more accessible? I have been trying to research

> and there is a lot of conflicting information regarding formulas and

> equations and I want to make sure that I am pointing them in the right

> direction without scaring them away.


> Also, how accessible are equations created with the equation editor in

> Word?


> Thanks for being such great resources!

> H.


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