[Athen] Marking Table Headers in Word

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The other method is about a year old. I only know because I was at a
Microsoft presentation at a conference. I now do both, check the check boxes
on the Design Ribbon in Table Tools and make sure that the Header Row

Cheers, Karen

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I have only ever used the repeat header rows checkbox, and it works
flawlessly. I had never heard of the other method. If you are getting an
accessibility error, I think you know you're going to have to check that
box. :)

Susan Kelmer

Alternate Format Production Program Manager

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University of Colorado Boulder


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Subject: [Athen] Marking Table Headers in Word

Hi all. In Word 2016 there are at least two ways of marking headers cells.
In the Table design tab, you can select the box for "Header Row" in the
Table Style Options. In the Table Layout tab, you can select the option to
"Repeat Header Rows".

My question is whether it is best to use one method over the other, or
should we use both? When I run the Word accessibility checker it flags as
Error when "Repeat Header Rows" is not checked, even if "Header Row" style
is checked. Has this changed in Word 365 or 2019?



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