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Just to make sure I understand correctly, the instructor wrote the entire
document (not just the equations)in MathType?

Definitely don't make the PDF until this is corrected in the source Word

I'd contact the MathType vendor that created the author's plug-in and see if
they have any solutions. I don't know of any solutions, but am anxious to
read others' thoughts on this.


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Hi everyone,

We've been contacted by one of our eLearning team members. He is attempting
to convert an instructor's Word document to a PDF. The document is for a
math course and has many math equations done using Mathtype. The problem is
that the instructor didn't just use Mathtype for the equations, but used it
for all the content in the document, including text instructions.

The conversion to PDF made quite a mess of things. Is there a way to modify
the Mathtype content in the Word document so that only the equations are
rendered in Mathtype? The eLearning person doesn't want to have to re-type
all the content, if he can avoid it.

Thanks for any ideas.


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