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Hi all,

I ran across this in the news this morning. Thought these easy steps might
be helpful for some.

Zoombombing is a thing. It’s a security breach. Zoom is aware of it. Many
are using Zoom —usage went from a few million in December 2019 to several
hundred million in March. Zoombombing occurs when a zoom link is hijacked
by an uninvited “guest.”

Here are some immediate (easy-peasey) precautions we can all take to
prevent this from happening on any of our zoom calls, meetings, or online

Use password protection, share meeting IDs and logins via email instead of
links, use advanced host security measures for screen sharing, find and use
Waiting Room to require everyone be approved by the host before being
admitted to the zoom call.

Read on for more details.

Check out this article from USA TODAY:

Use Zoom? These 5 safety tips can keep the 'Zoombombing' hackers away

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