[Athen] More accessibility frustrations

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Thu Apr 9 14:26:22 PDT 2020

I'm visually impaired. I've been in a ton of trainings this week on remote apps for working from home.

The audio usually sounds like this "I'm going to click on this. Then I'll open that over here. Click on that. Now we'll go over there and check this box. Now I'm selecting this ..."

I don't want to hassle my hard-working colleagues because they are already stressed. Griping about lack of access seems so mean-spirited!

And I'm pretty good at figuring out stuff on my own but it's such a big waste of my time. And it's so lonely having to always figure out everything all by myself.
Why can't people **SAY*** what they are clicking on!


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