[Athen] Disappointed with Kindle app for student needs

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Fri Apr 10 14:07:03 PDT 2020

I'm a big Kindle fan but I mostly read for fun. When I do read for classes it was typically history or literature, books that had to be read chronologically.

Yesterday Freedom scientific did a training on the Kindle app for the PC. I was really hoping to learn something new, but I didn't.

For people just getting started, it shows how to navigate the library, find a specific book and filter for only those downloaded to the PC.

Freedom scientific's trainer showed how to move by line character and word, plus how to set and retrieve a bookmark.

For searching they showed how to locate a particular "page" or a phrase within the book. Also they showed how to locate a specific book in the library.

Note that all these keystrokes also work with NVDA.

This took them literally only ten minutes because it's a few simple keystrokes - but that's it!

Pages in Kindle books have nothing to do with the printed pages in the hardcover or softcover equivalent. Chapters and subsections don't always start at a page boundary. The say all (read from the cursor until I tell you to stop) doesn't work on my app and I noticed it wasn't mentioned in the training!

So though this fluffy overview is a really nice start, the app isn't going to be robust enough for anyone who needs to use a screen reader or magnification to locate sections in a book. And I have no idea if other apps like k3000 can work with this app but I suspect they cannot.

I was optimistically hoping that any issues I had with the app were caused by my own ignorance. Looks like they were not!

As much as I love using my Kindle and related apps for recreational reading, I find it super frustrating that there aren't more navigation possibilities.

For your beginners, the training is archived here:


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