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The only thing I have seen that comes close is the Benetech Global Certified
Accessible (GCA) rating for EPUB 3 content from publishers.

They have a system that uses the automatic Accessibility Checker for EPUB
(Ace by DAISY), and the Simple Manual Accessibility Reporting Tool (SMART)
for the checking.

Their customized version of SMART has a rating system where a person gives a
0 tto 4 quality rating for amany, many items in a publication. They also
provide guidance to the publisher on how to improve their score. Publishers
must get at least 80% for that title to pass.

You can look at the tools by visiting:


Ace is free and open source, and SMART is free to use for a limited number
of titles a month.



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Hi Everyone,

Is anyone currently using or have a method in which they would rate the
accessibility of an application? Perhaps a point system that would provide a
percentage for accessibility. Thanks in advance!

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