[Athen] Conversion - Trying to make contingency plans

Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Mon Apr 13 13:56:16 PDT 2020

I am asking students to NOT order a book until they’ve checked with me. If the book needs to be scanned, I have them order it to be shipped to me.

My local Office Depot is still cutting and scanning books for me (just had one done last Friday). I hadn’t heard that print shops were not doing that work anymore.

Have you contacted the professor for a desk copy?

These are going to become issues for us, I can see it. Fortunately, summer requests are often much lower than regular semester ones. If we end up going this way into fall, I may have a lot of rethinking to do.

And we need to figure out how to force our campuses to use books that are going to have electronic options available. They should already be there now, but this may just force the issue.

*Please note: I am currently working remotely, so can be reached by email, Teams, or by cell at 303-475-7447.*

Susan Kelmer
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Hello Athenians!

Our university has already announced that all summer classes will be online only. We still have no idea when we will be back in the office. We've almost developed our contingency plan for conversion, but have run into a wall. So, I'm reaching out to you to hopefully gather some options. I'm sure we’re not alone in this!

Any thoughts about the following situations would be greatly appreciated! I'm curious to know what contingency plans you're implementing for distance learners needing converted materials when you cannot get a digital copy from a publisher nor a hard copy.

Also, is anyone working with the campus library to obtain digital files which can be remedited OR books for scanning? If so, I would appreciate information on how your process is structured, who’s involved, who you are working with within the library, etc.

Situation 1: Student submitted a request and proof of ownership. Student is still waiting to receive delivery of said book. Files not available from any of our typical sources. Have attempted to contact the publisher multiple times with no response (not sure if the publisher is even open at this time as they are in the UK. But this could just as easily be a small publishing house in the US.) No local source to purchase book. Book can be ordered, but won’t arrive until finals week. Too late for the student!

Situation 2: Student submits request and proof of ownership. Student is not local. Files not available from any of our typical sources. Have attempted to contact the publisher multiple times with no response. No local source to purchase book. We have in the past had a student send us their book for us to scan/convert. (We cover all costs of shipping.) Once we have a book, we cannot chop the spine off (our print shop is closed and Kinko’s etc, will not accept any outside paper source items). But we could still scan the book manually.

With summer quickly approaching and the very short "semester" sessions on top of the current working remote order, we're trying to come up with some options.

A student could take pictures of the pages and use SensusAccess to convert or send them to us. But that just doesn't seem like a viable option!

Any thoughts shared would be greatly appreciated!

Heidi Scher, M.S., CRC
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