[Athen] web conferencing tools and sign language interpreters

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We use a few different platforms, but generally for individual interpreting (as an accommodation) we get the interpreter access to the main platform that is being used and then use a separate Google Meet meeting for 2 way communication between student and interpreter. In some instances this means a parallel Google Meet session for a Google Meet meeting. Hopefully the systems will evolve to allow users to see more participants at once and to be able to pin 2 or more speakers, including when screen sharing is being used.


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I’m a C-Print captionist as part of my job, but I’ve been captioning for a few classes where a student is also using interpreters. We use Zoom to meet. As far as I know, the interpreters are simply being allowed to join the meeting as normal participants, and the professor (in this case) knows that if the students are put into breakout rooms the interpreters (and I) should also be added to the student’s room. It seems to work well. I was added to one class as a “backup” because if there IS lag or something having a secondary means of seeing the information is helpful, so you may want to consider that for any students who rely on interpreting.

-Andi :)
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Hello all!

I would appreciate any information on experiences you have setting up and using various web conferencing platforms (such as Blackboard, WebEx, MS Teams, Zoom, etc) when a sign language interpreter is needed.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

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