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Terrill Thompson tft at uw.edu
Fri Dec 11 08:21:56 PST 2020

Hi Corrine,

We at the University of Washington have compiled a short list of audio
description vendors on our Creating Accessible Videos
<https://www.washington.edu/accessibility/videos/> website.
Specifically see the section on "Audio Description".

It's been a couple of years since we compiled that list, so I'm not sure if
it's necessarily still accurate. I do know that both 3PlayMedia and
AudioEyes provide audio description using speech synthesis, and do so for a
lower price than the other providers. The other providers use human
voiceover talent to provide the narration, so it's arguably a more
professional product, but the cost is slightly higher. The cost is coming
down though as this has become a more competitive marketplace.

Among the traditional providers listed, we typically use Audio Eyes and
have been very happy with their service.


Terrill Thompson
Manager, IT Accessibility Team
UW-IT Accessible Technology Services
University of Washington
tft at uw.edu

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 8:13 AM Corrine Schoeb <kschoeb1 at swarthmore.edu>

> Hi everyone,


> Looking for recommendations for video audio description vendors.

> Appreciate any help you can provide.


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