[Athen] Audio Description Vendors

Noble,Stephen L. steve.noble at louisville.edu
Fri Dec 11 08:31:05 PST 2020

I can recommend Bridge Multimedia...although I am biased since I have collaborated with them on a number of projects. But they also have a nice listing on their website which includes many of their competitors:
Bridge Multimedia: Universally Accessible Media - Audio/Video Description<http://www.bridgemultimedia.com/audiodescription/overview_media_ed.php>

Bridge Multimedia creates broadcast quality descriptions for the TV industry including lots of educational shows. Here is their contact page: Bridge Multimedia: Universally Accessible Media - Contact Info<http://www.bridgemultimedia.com/contact.php>

--Steve Noble
steve.noble at louisville.edu

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Hi everyone,

Looking for recommendations for video audio description vendors. Appreciate any help you can provide.


Corrine Schoeb
Technology Accessibility Coordinator, ITS

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