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Russell Solowoniuk solowoniukr at macewan.ca
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Hi Lorraine,

To follow up on Alex's advice, we had a blind student who needed to read IPA symbols last year, so we used Dr. Robert Englebretson's suggestions for modifying the Jaws synthesizer configuration file. We found as we went along that not all the IPA symbols we needed were included in Dr. Englebretson's configuration file. We contacted him and he instructed us on how to go about adding symbols that were missing.

I still have the modified synthesizer configuration file for Eloquence, and I'd be glad to share it with you if you like. I'm not sure if we can share attachments on this list, so if you email me privately, I can send you the file. My email address is solowoniukr at macewan.ca<mailto:solowoniukr at macewan.ca>.



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Hi Lorraine

Dr. Robert Englebretson has done a lot of work on this. You have to modify the Jaws dictionary. Instructions can be found at:

I've done this before but it ahs been several years. I believe the Jaws folder structure has changed but everything else is still correct.

I hope this helps

Stephen Alex Marositz
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Subject: [Athen] Linguistics

Dear All,

We have a visually impaired student learning linguistics. The one area that he is learning at the moment is IPA the International Phonetic Alphabet. Does anyone know of resources like software that will work with Jaws or Braille or anything else that would work for this student focusing on IPA.

Thank you for your help in advance. I will be cross posting this question.


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