[Athen] Conversion Request for Non-Required Textbook

Mary Popish popish at pdx.edu
Mon Feb 10 09:15:17 PST 2020

Hello all,

A student reached out to our alternate formats team to see whether we could
cut, scan, and rebind a textbook that they purchased that was not required
for their course of study. The student offered to cover the cost, since the
book isn't required.

It's my understanding of copyright law and the Chaffee Amendment that we
wouldn't be able to do this, since the text is not required. Am I correct?

If not, please let me know! And if so, I'd love any suggestions from folks
who have had similar requests about how you explained why you couldn't
process the book. (Outside of sorry, it's the law -- or maybe that's all I
need to say!) I'm anticipating a follow up question from the student
offering to pay again. If anyone has language they've used to explain this
situation to other students in the past, I'd appreciate if you could share.

Thanks so much,

*Mary Popish*
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