[Athen] Windows speech recognition questions

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Mon Feb 10 09:49:21 PST 2020

I am a fairly experienced user of Windows speech recognition. I'm having hand surgery in March and will need to depend on it for a few weeks.

I had used it extensively in Windows 7 and XP but only briefly in Windows 10 to test it and to create a profile.

I am finding it still works great for me, and I created a new profile this morning with an improved microphone I received recently for our VOIP phone system in my job.

But I'm having two issues. First, the WSR macros (Windows Speech recognition macros) software provided by Microsoft doesn't appear to run in Windows 10 1903 or 1909. But Microsoft's online help assumes it does. Also their disability answer desk just said if it was working before it should still be working; though I think I was chatting with a flunkie who wasn't even sure what I was talking about.

The macro creater installs fine, but refuses to launch or create a folder in my Documents directory. I am really going to need those macros to get multiple keys pressed, as speech recognition simply can press single keys like delete or page up.

I could of course use Dragon, but Dictation Bridge, which I would have used with NVDA is no longer compatible with NVDA and doesn't appear to be getting updated. Dictation bridge never worked with JAWS for me anyway. I can use Dragon without it but it's a pain; WSR is much more screen reader friendly.

I can use J-say, I even know how, but I don't know where our license or software CD went as we purchased it a dozen years ago and it needs updating for the current Dragon and Win 10.

Ideally, I just want the WSR macros to launch so I can create ones for the commands I use most.

Any thoughts?


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