[Athen] Question: Best ways to record a screen reader voice?

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Hi Debbie,

I really like Zoom for this purpose. I’ve been creating videos for developers to show them how their page/application interacts with a screen reader. I share my screen and choose to also share the computer audio (a little check box at the bottom of the share screen) and then record the session. Audio and video both come through very clear.


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Hi all,

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this situation. I'd like to do more targeted sessions with faculty and staff at my university around improving accessibility of websites. The issue is that I can't always work in my own environment with my desktop, and it's difficult to ensure that a screen reader is installed and functioning on someone else's computer/laptop. I've even tried NVDA-on-a-stick with my profile, but I've had it fail, depending on the windows version of the laptop/computer I'm trying to run it on.

It would be easier if I could just record the audio (at a good quality without the ambient office noise) of my trying to use a website and share that with colleagues. I can do this for document remediation by using Speechify or Natural Reader, but not for websites.

Is there a good way to record the audio of the screen reader as I try to navigate through a website?

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