[Athen] Question: Best ways to record a screen reader voice?

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Hi Debbie,

I would second Zoom, and also I use ScreenOMatic. Very inexpensive and very
easy to use, plus it is really easy to edit videos (I find Zoom's new edit
interface is extremely hard to use and I have good mobility in my hands). I
record screen reader demos with it all the time.



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> Hi Debbie,


> I really like Zoom for this purpose. I’ve been creating videos for

> developers to show them how their page/application interacts with a screen

> reader. I share my screen and choose to also share the computer audio (a

> little check box at the bottom of the share screen) and then record the

> session. Audio and video both come through very clear.


> Dawn


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> Hi all,


> I'm hoping someone can help me out with this situation. I'd like to do

> more targeted sessions with faculty and staff at my university around

> improving accessibility of websites. The issue is that I can't always work

> in my own environment with my desktop, and it's difficult to ensure that a

> screen reader is installed and functioning on someone else's

> computer/laptop. I've even tried NVDA-on-a-stick with my profile, but I've

> had it fail, depending on the windows version of the laptop/computer I'm

> trying to run it on.


> It would be easier if I could just record the audio (at a good quality

> without the ambient office noise) of my trying to use a website and share

> that with colleagues. I can do this for document remediation by using

> Speechify or Natural Reader, but not for websites.


> Is there a good way to record the audio of the screen reader as I try to

> navigate through a website?


> Thanks,

> D.

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