[Athen] Accessible weather & pressure systems maps

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Hi Annissa,

Yes we have at my campus and with a VI student. We utilized a few different options including simply creating a map with details expressed through little holes in the paper and gradient/patterns were different to reflect the different atmospheric components/scenarios. This is a bit old school. We also used other tactile tools creatively.

Ultimately the student had to articulate understanding of the processes and data collection. We consulted with the faculty and student to determine the what and the how.

Student got an A and earned it.


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Good morning all!

We have two blind/low vision students taking an Atmospheric sciences course this semester. This class will be looking at and learning about weather patterns and part of this is learning about 500 millibar maps which are supposed to give a large-scale picture of the weather pattern over the US. We are in the process of setting up a meeting with the instructor to go over what are the essential components of the course and the learning goals surrounding the use of the maps. I’ve attached an example image to this email. The professor has indicated that color is not important for this course, but the lines, numbers and their geographical placements are.

Has anyone encountered this type of map before and what have you done on your campus? Do you know of any online or other accessible resources that the students might use? (One student is an online distance student)

Thanks in advance!

Annissa Corsi, M.Ed.

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The University of Arizona

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