[Athen] Resources for Computer Science and a Screenreader User

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It probably depends on which distribution of Linux they're using. Do you happen to know? I found this article that goes into the most disability-friendly Linux distributions. https://opensource.com/life/15/8/accessibility-linux-blind-disabled. I would also look at this page. https://pjb.com.au/blin/

Good luck!

-Andi :)
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Hello Everyone,

I will be working with a student in Computer Science this spring. It has been a few years, probably coming up on 10, since I have worked with a screenreader user in this field. The students first question was about a Linux text editor that would be screenreader friendly. It has been long-enough that I don't even know if the terminal programs I last used, let alone any text editors, are even still available. Does anyone know of web resources, and e-mail list etc., that I can work with to take a crash course and try to get caught up?

David Schwarte

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