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We use three play for close captioning. I looked into using them through Zoom but we opted not to. The live captioning through them is all ASR. It could be cleaned up after the class or event but there is no live captionist involved in the process for using three play during a live stream. because of that we chose to use the transcriptionists we use for classes. from what I remember the process, you have the administrator add them as a service provider and then you would need to approve use of the service for each event with three play before it can be turned on live for the actual zoom session.

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> hello:

> can some one tell me if you have tried to integrate rev or three ;lay in to zoom for your campus.

> we are just starting to look at this and have found that to do so you need to be an addmen and we don't want users to have access to the admin account for our campus. thanks lucy

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